Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Hello :)

This is the 1st post, so consider as introdution.
I'm Miss N, and this is my fiancé Mr. N.
We are getting married in less than 5 month. :)
So, here we are..dedicate this blog special for our journey.

I mmg sgt sukerrrr..baca blog b2b. Such an inspiring :) review bout everything, sometime ada b2b citer bout their love story, how they met each other. Me really love it! Cant wait to reveals our's story.

Hope our blog can be inspired to somebody else.

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Miss Ika said...[Reply]

Gud luck dear. :)

Miss N and Mr N said...[Reply]

Thanks dear. :)

cik tasha said...[Reply]

hye b2b, tasha dtg tinggalkan jejak :)