Sunday, 12 January 2014

More Kitchen Dream

I've been watching Dexter series for couple of months now..
cant help my self but notice how beautiful kitchen Dexter have in his apartment.

Thanks to unifi and hypptv that we subscribed.
Every weekend, Fox channel ulang tayang citer Dexter secara marathon. dari 1-8season.
So, selalunya.. hari sabtu dan ahad kalo tak kemana..mmg layan tv je kt rumah. Sehari ada 6 episod je. ok la..layan smbil kemas rumah..

back to the topic... semalam baru i perasan betapa cantiknye dapur si Dexter ni. i love the design... just what i want in my kitchen.. luckily i found the picture in google so i can share here. lalalalala..

tada.... nice compact little kitchen. kinda look like IKEA's kitchen kan?
definitely we need to stop by IKEA before finalize our kitchen layout.

This part that make my jaw drop. 
cant stop smiling everytime i saw any scene in this kitchen.
love the open shelve to the max! :D

Finally, i can picture myself in our "Nano Kitchen" soon. 

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Chot said...[Reply]

eh. ptt sekali imbas tgk..mcm kenal jer. Ini rumah Dexter!!.. kan..walaweii.. perati jgk fav conversation they all ni..adeke..kat dapor je borak..haha... me like it too